3D Creator

Affordable rapid prototyping straight out of the box!

Why a 3D Creator?
At Eximgo we were looking for a tool to measure key parts of vehicles so that we could manufacture accessories for them.

Having looked at various solutions, which were all too expensive for a small company such as ours, we came across the 3D Creator through a US Partner.

We are now happy to offer this system for sale throughout Europe to enable other companies similar to ours to benefit from a hi-tech solution at a reasonable price!

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Eximgo Ltd introduces the 3D Creator - Precision Optical Digitizer
It's affordable, it's easy to use and it's here!
Manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, home to innovative hi-tech engineering devices, the 3D creator offers a solution that many engineering companies have been seeking for a long time! The affordability of a system that can give you the degree of accuracy needed for rapid prototyping applications and reverse engineering jobs is the strength of the 3D Creator. It has an excellent range and is wireless and armless allowing you to move freely around the object you are "mapping" and takes the data you've collected straight into Rhino CAD and other CAD packages through a few keystrokes!